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Private Yoga Sessions

Balance, Strength & Flexibility

Private yoga instruction in Santa Barbara, CA with Fitness 805

The practice of yoga is over 6000 years old and has been embraced by cultures all over the globe. In the United States, an emphasis is placed on the yoga asana or physical postures that strengthen the body, improve one’s mental focus and create balance and harmony within the whole self. Private sessions will offer each client an assessment and adjustment of your skeletal alignment to improve your posture and overall physical mobility. Each session will then be designed to fit the personal needs of the client. Some of the benefits include the enhancement of athletic performance, improvements of one’s physical strength, tonus and flexibility, stress reduction, pain management, increased awareness and equanimity.

Modalities offered by Fitness 805 in 1-on-1 Private or Group Semi-Private Sessions:

  • Hatha
  • Vinyasa
  • Iyengar
  • Power
  • Breathe Work & Meditation
  • Ashtanga Flow
  • Yogalates
  • Partner
  • Family


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