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Fitness 805 - Our Story

Fitness 805’s Mission Statement:

Our mission is to be the premiere health and fitness provider for individuals and businesses looking for an innovative approach to wellness. For our health professionals, we strive to become their business resource so they can focus on their passion of helping others

Fitness 805 was founded in 2006 because we saw a demand for people trying to connect with the right health professionals. People wanted top-notch health professionals that were screened to their industry’s highest standard, but weren’t sure where to look. On the flip side, we noticed that the majority of great health professionals needed assistance building their business and finding clients. Fitness 805 was created to bridge the gap between the two.

From the beginning, we took a different approach than the industry’s “norm” to create better results for our clients. We enjoy “deciphering the code” and taking the guesswork out of fitness. There is no magic pill for creating abs or a miracle product that will burn 2000 calories in 5 minutes. We realized that it wasn’t necessarily a health professional being a “cerebral stud,” but what it really came down to is their personalty and creativity that created the real results. Our philosophy was simple: people want to be around people they like.

We understand that everyone needs a coach to be pushed in all facets of their lives. Let’s face it, a healthy lifestyle is hard enough to attain. If you don’t like your coach, you won’t be interested in seeing them regularly, which ultimately will create no success or results. We believe in a very balanced approach: work hard, have fun and create healthier habits for the rest of your life.

It might sound cliche, but we really love what we do. We believe that a passion for fitness, helping others, having a great attitude, extraordinary customer service and hard work will help us continue to build an extraordinary company and impact the lives of those we come in contact with throughout the process.

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