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Fitness Equipment and Sales by Fitness 805

Since 2006, Fitness 805 has been Santa Barbara County’s leading source of fitness equipment and gym design.

Our knowledgeable and creative team has spent over 13 years developing relationships with many manufacturers and distributors for equipment, flooring, mirrors, and accessories. With our expertise, we can help match your home or facility with the best equipment for your needs and budget.

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I’ve been working with Jason and Fitness 805 for the past 7 years for all my clients’ gym building and fitness equipment requests. The Fitness 805 team brings the highest level of service and knowledge for creating any space to a functional environment for anyone’s fitness needs. I especially appreciate the fact that they get involved in the design and building process from the very beginning. This creates a very thorough and enjoyable building process. It’s my pleasure to recommend the Fitness 805 team.

Don Nulty
Don Nulty AIA, Inc.
Fitness 805 Indoor Gym Design

Indoor Gym Design

From our experience in the luxury home, corporate, and hospitality fitness markets, we are skilled at helping you select the equipment that best meets your needs, while designing a space that visually compliments your aesthetic.

To ensure you’re receiving the best possible experience, design, and equipment, we’ve implemented the Fitness 805 Process: Click here to expand our process!

  1. Complementary Consultation: We will sit down with you and your team to discuss what you need and want in a fitness center.
  2. Layout and Design: Utilizing computerized designs, Fitness 805 will design the overall layout of your fitness center. We are effective at collaborating with architects, contractors, and estate builders to design your ultimate gym from the ground up.
  3. Choosing Equipment: We only provide the highest quality equipment and ensure each client’s satisfaction. We work closely with high-profile, commercial fitness equipment providers such as Cybex, Paramount, Octane, True, Hampton, Stairmaster, and many others.
  4. Other Amenities: We have developed strategic partnerships with local professionals to assist with the audio-visual portion of your gym, as well as other specialized equipment.
  5. Delivery & Installation: Our team is with you every step of the way! From coordinating delivery to being on-site during install, we make sure everything runs smoothly.
  6. Equipment Orientation: Once your gym is installed, a complimentary training session will be arranged with one of our trainers so you can learn how to properly and safely use your equipment.
  7. Ongoing Customer Service: Fitness 805 prides itself on outstanding customer service. If you have a problem with your equipment, or have a question about how it works, the professionals at Fitness 805 are available to help!

Outdoor Gym Design

Do you have an outdoor space that you would be great for a workout area? We get it, sometimes it’s hard to exercise indoors on a beautiful day. Plus, you can’t go wrong with fresh air flow!

We can transform any area into a functional space for a great workout. Types of outdoor gyms include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Workout zones that blend into the natural landscape
  • Large Slam Walls
  • Movestrong Jungle Gyms
  • Outdoor Strength Training Equipment with Teflon Coating

Fitness Equipment by Fitness 805

Fitness Equipment

From single pieces to entire gyms, we provide:

  • Treadmills, Ellipticals and Cross Trainers
  • Spin Bikes, Upright, and Recumbent Cycles
  • Stairclimbers and Rowing Machines
  • Trending equipment such as the VersaClimber, Jacobs Ladder, and Octane Zero Runner
  • Functional Trainers, Free Weights, and Selectorized Strength Machines
  • TRX, Yoga, and Exercise Accessories
  • Mirrors, Gym Flooring, and Synthetic Turf

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