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1. Write down how you feel after every work out

Log how you feel after completing an adrenaline pumping work out in a fitness inspiration journal. Get addicted to the awesome endorphin rush that comes after a great work out. Every time you are low on motivation, take a peek at your past entries and affirm how amazing you will feel after completing that weekly spin class.

2. Sign up for group fitness classes

Group fitness classes are the best motivators because they make you feel like you a part of something bigger than yourself. In moments that you might quit if you were by yourself, the energy of the group will keep you going and grinding your hardest. You will end up doing so much more because you won’t want to be the person who gives up and leaves early.

3. Give yourself tangible rewards

It is always easier to get through something you aren’t thrilled about when you have something to look forward to. Offer yourself tangible rewards when you complete your fitness goals. From a massage session to a new pair of athletic gear to indulging in your favorite dessert, there are so many ways you can keep your eye on the prize.

4. Buddy up

Having a friend who also wants to get into shape, makes it easier to stick to a concrete fitness plan. Grab a close friend a make a pact to each set up a “Get Fit” jar. Whenever someone bails on the plan, they have to put $5 in their jar. When your jar gets up to $20 (4 missed work outs), you have to buy your friend a gift. And vice versa.

5. Try out the app Zombies, Run!

This app will get your feet pounding the pavement as soon as you hear the terrifying sounds of the undead breathing down your neck. Starring as the hero of the game, every run becomes a mission to make it out alive.

6. Do it for the pictures

When you really don’t want to go on that evening run, pick a scenic route and let yourself take as many pictures as you want. Just think about all of those amazing shots of the sunset you will leave with!

7. Keep your music library full of high-energy tunes

There’s nothing worse than going through an hour-long workout in silence because you don’t have any good music to play. Except maybe playing the same old music that you have had on your phone for months on end. By creating a varied, high-energy playlist, you will be able to keep up the pace even during the hardest exercises. If you don’t have the time to put something together, choose one of the
many workout Playlists on Spotify or Apple Music!

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